We offer a wide range of comprehensive logistics services tailored to our customers' specific needs. The objective is to optimise their supply chain and achieving maximum value for them (costs, inventory levels, response times and service standards).










Our well developed transport networks across the globe consist of a combination of various transport solutions.















The art and science of obtaining and moving materials and products so that they appear at the right place at the right time and in the right quantity.














Materials Management

We manage the complete cycle of materials flow. From purchasing and internal control of production to planning and control of work-in-process and warehousing, shipping and distribution of the products.
















Perpetual Inventory Management

Continued management of incoming material according to customers' stock planning procedure.














Post Production Services

Our supplementary service that is part of the PrintAvia Consumer-Solutions-Package and includes co-packing, labelling, testing, customising, assembling, finishing, packing, processing of incoming orders and returns.













Procurement Process

The process of designing, specifying, sourcing, ordering and disposing of materials, services and equipment.













Stock Management

The planning and control of stock in terms of quantity, quality and location.

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