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PrintAvia’s story of success began in 1991. It all started with the production of a variety of printing material. From the start of our business we were already focussing on airlines and ground handling companies where we continuously extended the specific range for these specialised products. As our business continued to grow we discovered that today the market requires more than just the printing / production side and based on that knowledge we started to re-structure our business to meet the needs in printing, warehousing and distribution enabling us to respond competitively and directly to the wishes of our customers. This decision enables us to offer an extensive and complete service catalogue specially tailored to meet the needs of the airline industry industry (including boxes for pet transportation, passenger queuing systems, uniforms blue and white collar).

PrintAvia have a worldwide reputation for the highest quality products manufactured in accordance with the latest industry’s standards and regulations. We are one of the leading printing specialists for the airline and ground handling sector. The product range includes all printed and non-printed items which our clients use daily to meet their demanding operational needs.

One part of our customer service is our website www.printavia.com. It is the key to the online ordering platform where our customers have the possibility to release ordering processes, change orders, cancel orders and much more, and all this independently from time and place. The online ordering system is directly linked to our warehouse and we can guarantee that orders will leave our headquarters within 48 hours of being placed. We know we can keep this promise to you because our service partners worldwide have worked with us for many years and share our commitment to service.


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